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Columbus Collaboratory: Cybersecurity Practice

Columbus Collaboratory is a rapid innovation company founded by seven leading companies in multiple industries that delivers business value through advanced analytics and cybersecurity solutions. Our security customers take advantage of these innovations through products and services that are a result of solving shared organizational challenges. That's why they're called Associate Collaborators. Our products and services are practical, deliver the benefits of a network, and are grounded in the real threats that organizations face. Our unique model surfaces complex, cross-industry challenges, and operationalizes technologies like cognitive and machine-learning for our collaborating companies and the broader market. We make this possible by capitalizing on the collective know-how possessed by our team, our Collaborators, and our partners.

We offer practical solutions to Associate Collaborators who take advantage of Columbus Collaboratory's ecosystem of defenders working together.

About Columbus Collaboratory

What We Offer

We offer unique and differentiating capabilities bundled as a cybersecurity offering that enhances and scales your security practice.

Our collaborative security approach delivers the advantages of a threat intelligence network where defenders work together.

We take a practical approach to security, measured by outcomes, that has been purpose-built to solve complex yet shared challenges within our Collaborator companies.

Our solutions enhance and scale security practices through advanced analytics and AI that automates, predicts, and empowers practitioners’ workflows.

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