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To Speed New Technology Adoption, First Address These Security Concerns

According to our 2017 Forrester survey, Security concerns can impede adoption of new technology. Here’s how to fix it.

The challenges of managing enterprise-level cybersecurity can make new technology adoption feel increasingly complex and risky. In a recent Forrester Survey we commissioned (including responses from 106 security operations and threat intelligence decision makers) the results revealed that security is, in fact, considered the top challenge to new technology adoption.

Unfortunately, this caution has its own price: these serious security concerns tend to slow down adoption time and limit efficiency. A whopping 87% of respondents said they are spending too much time, money, or resources when adopting the new technology. In other words, addressing security and efficiency at the same time in new technology adoption feels very difficult to do well.

To make matters worse, many organizations do not fully know which are the right technologies to meet their needs, and/or have the right skills in-house to operate that technology once procured.

We believe there is a better solution that allows enterprise customers to have the best of both worlds. A collaborative security approach like ours is helpful because our Members face many of the same complex yet shared challenges. Partnering with other organizations can help close important knowledge and even talent gaps, to help each organization find technology that’s right for them, provide implementation guidance from a trusted and knowledgeable source, share best practices and recommendations with one another, and properly assess risk and raise the overall security profile.

Our deep understanding of nascent technologies empowers our customers. For instance, we advise Members on how new technologies are best used within the business and security operation, both generally and specific to their industry and situation. We understand tool and organizational capabilities and limitations, and employ a use-case driven approach to the application of new technologies. In other words, we leverage this methodology within our Membership to create security value out of unique and/or disparate data sets.

We’re building a catalog of shared IP (whitepapers, prototypes, etc) that allow businesses to further accelerate their understanding and deployment of the new technologies. By putting several top enterprise “heads” together, we pool knowledge and arrive at breakthrough solutions faster and at a lower cost than can be done individually.

Thus, collaboration is the key to overcoming security concerns (without sticking your head in the sand) and speeding new tech adoption in a cost-efficient way. Whether you join our Membership, subscribe to our products or collaborate with your own set of like-minded partners, we strongly believe you’ll speed adoption by stepping out of the silo to work together.

For more on how enterprise leaders can help accelerate new technology adoption, download the full Forrester survey results for free at CollaborativeSecurity.com/Forrester.

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