Columbus Collaboratory
Published Mar 28, 2018

Brandon joined the Columbus Collaboratory in February, 2018 and brings a strong cyber security skillset to our team.

What most attracted you to join CC?

The atmosphere, attitude and talent at the CC is what attracted me the most. I also love the idea of sharing threat intelligence with a large community.

Tell us about your role at CC and the value you deliver.

I am a Threat Engineer. I’m responsible for the vulnerability scanning of all our members. I deliver threat intelligence and the integration of that data with all our member companies and subscribers.  

What is the best part of any given day at CC?

I really enjoy just chatting with my coworkers. Our data scientist always have something extremely interesting going on and our pentesters are obviously a good time. I feel it’s impossible for me not to learn something every single day.

What are you most passionate about?

Technology in general. I love learning how things are engineered and built and using that knowledge to make something do what it was never designed to do.

Tell us one interesting tidbit about yourself. 

I’m a huge car guy