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Struggling to Keep Up with an Evolving Cyber Threat Landscape? You’re Not Alone

According to our 2017 Forrester survey, firms are struggling to keep up with an ever-evolving threat landscape. Here’s how to stay ahead of the wave.

New and ever-more complex cyber-technology emerges at a shocking clip. In a Forrester survey we commissioned in late 2017, we asked 106 security operations and threat intelligence decision makers, “Thinking about your current cyber security roadmap, what are the biggest challenges your organization is facing today?” The top answer? Emerging and advanced threats (40%). In short, firms are struggling to keep up with the ever-evolving threat landscape.

There are several factors at play. First, cyber attacks are getting more advanced and frequent, and these cyber criminals are able to adapt at a remarkable rate to the technologies that are put in place to stop them. Security professionals can’t react quickly enough, and they struggle to put the right technology and people in place to deal with such a vast array of threats.

Firms also aren’t adapting their tech; their defenses remain stagnant even as threats evolve quickly. Many companies rely on older legacy technologies like antivirus tools, firewalls and malware detection to protect themselves. While each of these has value and can be decently effective in specific cases, they are generally no longer fully sufficient on their own. Companies must adopt innovative and advanced technologies if they wish to outrun the advancing threat “wave”, so to speak.

That’s not always as straightforward as it sounds. New technology can be complex, and it can be difficult to know which tools and technologies are worth your investment and offer the best protection. There are often knowledge gaps which can further impede adoption.

That’s (in part) why Columbus Collaboratory was created, to empowering Members to better leverage threat intelligence that otherwise wouldn’t be able to effectively digest and act on it. We believe a collaborative security approach helps connect enterprise leaders with the tools and shared IP and problem solving they need to reduce risk, cost and confusion around new technology. We work directly with our Membership to build relationship-driven (not-product-driven) products and service to fill the gaps in isolated, expensive, and/or lacking alternatives Our services are designed to leave the customer measurably better, without a stack of new tech debt, and empower them to mature their security practice in an exceedingly practical way.

To learn more about tech challenges for enterprise leaders and how we can help solve them with our collaborative security approach, visit for a free download of our complete commissioned Forrester survey.


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