The State of Cyber Resiliency in the Age of Attacks

Presented by: Dave Klein, Senior Director Security Engineering and Architecture at GuardiCore; Troy Vennon, Cyber Threat Engineer, Columbus Collaboratory; Jeannie Warner, Security Manager, WhiteHat Security; Craig Dods, Chief Architect for Security, Juniper Networks' Strategic Verticals

Cyber threats are at the top of mind for security professionals everywhere. With high-profile breaches on the rise and valuable customer information at stake, organizations worldwide are looking for ways to train their workforce to be cyber safe and better secure an ever-growing perimeter. Join this panel of experts as they discuss: - The biggest trends in cyber-crime  - Impact of Cryptocurrencies  - Breaches and preventing future fraud and cyber-attacks - Advancements in security technology - Why security awareness training should be a key part of your overall data protection strategy.

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