Conquering Columbus Featuring Michelle Reese and Nathan Vega

How significant is the shortage in cybersecurity professionals in central Ohio and across the country? Is there some data that can quantify the size and scope of the shortage?

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Taming the Vulnerability Management Beast

Join security experts from Columbus Collaboratory to learn how to elevate your network’s cybersecurity defenses by identifying and remediating the most critical vulnerabilities. We will discuss best practices for vulnerability scanning, managing the seemingly overwhelming volume of scan data, data visualization techniques, and how combining vulnerability data, threat data and asset classification is critical to prioritizing your remediation efforts when resources are scarce and time is of the essence.

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Data Scientists: You Can’t Have Just One

In late 2010, Thomas Davenport and DJ Patil published an article titled “Data Scientist: The Sexiest Job of the 21st Century.” They didn’t coin the phrase, but since their article two things have happened: the phrase “data scientist” has been used with increased frequency, and my wife has become truly tired of me reminding her about the sexiness of my career choice.

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Collaborative Security

What Ohio’s Legal Safe Harbor Laws Means for You

In my years at IBM and now at Columbus Collaboratory, I have been asked to build internal programs, software products, marketing organizations and many other forms of business capabilities.

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