What is Collaborative Security?

Collaborative Security approaches information security in new way - it is exceedingly practical, outcome based, and measurable.

Defenders Working Together

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WannaCry Ransomware Case Study

Learn how Collaboratory quickly created a rich defense and communication plan in response to the WannaCry ransomware attack in May 2017.

Today’s cybersecurity challenges demand innovative, collaborative solutions that empower organizations to avoid disruption from known and unknown threats. The cybersecurity market is crowded with costly tools, but most of them only increase the technical debt and add thousands of more alerts each day, making it nearly impossible for the security manager to successfully execute their responsibilities.

Collaborative Security is...

Exceedingly Practical

Collaborative security brings new threats and practical solutions to the forefront faster, without being distracted by a flood of new point-security technologies that are common in the industry.

Outcome-Based and Measurable

Collaborative security is purposeful and measurable — fluidly re-allocating resources as threats evolve and new, under-managed risks rise to the surface.

Realized by Working Together

Collaborative security emphasizes teamwork. Defenders working together gain a competitive advantage against attacks by sharing intelligence, strategies, and material support.

Collective Responsibility

Collaborative security gains power from partnerships as the community shares information, intelligence and expertise. This contributes to shared security, stability and resiliency — significantly reducing risk.

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Collaborative Security Solutions

Become a part of an ecosystem that delivers value through a shared catalog of purpose-built engagements, threat scenario emulation, peer-to-peer cooperation and intelligence sharing.

Peer Collaboration & Sharing

Access a trusted network of security practitioners under a mutual NDA.

Threat Management & Curation

Build context around technical indicators, manage “hunt” tasks and eliminate rework.

Adversarial Emulation

Gain insight to optimize and implement security controls through unique, offensive exercises.

Managed Vulnerablility Management Services

Prioritized, risk based remediation through vulnerability discovery and remediation.

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