Collaborative Security

Discovering and sharing relevant security intelligence anytime it’s needed.

Collaborative Security is ...

Exceedingly Practical

Practitioners of collaborative security are informed by the threats we face, and defend against the tactics being used against us. We are not distracted by the never-ending parade of new point- security technologies that dominate our industry.

Outcome-Based and Measurable

Practitioners of collaborative security deploy security solutions with purpose and measurable effect. Security solutions need to evolve to remain effective at reducing risks and retired when no longer effective. Whatever the effectiveness of a security measure, if its cost exceeds the risk it mitigates, it's time to stop and apply that investment to other under-managed risks.

Realized by Working Together

Defenders working together to gain advantage over adversaries is a key tenet to success. As attackers use a relatively common set of tools and techniques to attack multiple targets, defenders elevate each other by sharing intelligence, strategies, and material support.

Collective Responsibility

Practitioners of collaborative security understand that their own security is a function of the security of known and unknown partners—and the Internet as a whole—and actively contribute to our shared security, stability and resiliency. In an increasingly interconnected world where supply chains, cloud services and other business partnerships demand connectivity and interdependence, risk is reduced for everyone when collaboration happens through information, intelligence and expertise sharing. Just as many individually secure homes tend to reduce nearby property crime, many individually secure enterprises effectively working together will improve their collective security posture.

Download our infographic Top 3 Challenges Enterprises Face Adopting New Technology.

What Security Challenges are Companies Facing Today?

Situational Awareness

Simply knowing if one is under attack, by whom, and what technologies and tactics are being used against them is a significant challenge.

Optimizing Security Spend

Avoiding too much spending in low risk areas while under-investing in higher risk areas.

Discrete Tooling

Disparate point solutions focused on isolated problems rather than a holistic solution.

Data Overload

We are awash in data, but finding security value in these data remains elusive.

You are Not Alone: Do More With the Power of Community

Columbus Collaboratory's offering is built on collaboration. Associate Collaborators become a part of an ecosystem that benefits them through a shared catalog of purpose-built engagements emulating threat scenarios, peer-to-peer cooperation, and intelligence sharing.

Outcome-Based Security

Measure the effectiveness and maturation of your security practice.


Scale and empower practitioner decision making through machine learning, cognitive, and predictive analytics.


Threat Intelligence informs everything that we do ensuring you're prepared for the real adversaries your business faces.

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