Sharing Threat Intelligence Within a Trusted Community

  • Would you benefit from learning of the experiences and receiving guidance from a network of your cybersecurity peers?
  • Does your team feel inundated by the volume of the threat intelligence they receive from third parties, or would they 
be aided by curated threat data from a trusted source?
  • Would peer group discussions about prioritizing security operation investments in resources, technology and effort accelerate and inform your decisions?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then the Columbus Collaboratory ISAO can help.

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The Columbus Collaboratory ISAO members are part of a trusted peer network of cross-industry cybersecurity experts who work together to outsmart bad actors.

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What is the ISAO?

Supported by EO 13691, which provides specific legal protections and creates an Information Sharing and Analysis Organization Standards Organization (ISAO SO), the Columbus Collaboratory ISAO is a trusted network of regional, Information Security practitioners that share cyber threat information in order to elevate the security stance of all participants in the central Ohio region.

The Value of the ISAO

Establishing a trusted network for sharing cybersecurity threat information that lowers cost and technical barriers to entry for cybersecurity intelligence analysis makes participation in threat intelligence sharing more approachable for organizations of all sizes and capabilities.

Enhancing situational awareness and knowledge about cyber attacks by creating a more complete and detailed picture of malicious activity occurring in the region.

Enabling the sharing of non-incident information including best practices for security operations, training opportunities, processes and procedures, and product and technology information to enhance your security program.

Meet Our Steering Committee

The Columbus Collaboratory ISAO is guided by a Steering Committee of representatives from leading Ohio organizations including L Brands, OhioHealth, The Ohio State University, and State Auto.

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Columbus Collaboratory ISAO Membership Benefits Enterprises of All Types

The Columbus Collaboratory ISAO delivers trusted community benefits to all Ohio organizations regardless of size or degree of cybersecurity maturity:

Small Enterprises

Small to mid-sized businesses who have limitations in dedicated cybersecurity staff, technology or processes will gain access to intelligence about the threats that impact them and exposure to best practices in collaboration and security with their peers

Medium Enterprises

Medium sized organizations who have established and are maturing their processes in at least one dimension of security processes, technology or governance will be able to put their procedures to the test within a trusted community of peers and accelerate their advancement on the maturity curve

Large Enterprise

Large enterprises who have established leading security practices or who are actively investing in optimizing their cybersecurity operations will benefit through fostering peer-to-peer relationships, better threat knowledge and understanding from a trusted community, and faster access to a more complete set of information that will lead to faster resolution

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