Combatting the new normal in vulnerability management – Where do you begin?

Did you know that 82% of enterprise systems have at least one security vulnerability? Companies in every industry sector face serious cybersecurity risks and need to manage their vulnerabilities. But how?

Our eBook, Winning at Cyber Risk Management, explains the importance of regularly identifying, categorizing, remediating, and mitigating vulnerabilities within your software, applications, network, and devices. Discover how real operational risk prioritization can help make the process more efficient and effective.

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Columbus Collaboratory offers a comprehensive, practical approach that can help eliminate security blind spots. Our Vulnerability Management Solution is a managed service that enables companies of all sizes to adopt best practices and leverage threat intelligence and cyber risk management without extra operational load or hassle.

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Vulnerability Management Solution Fact Sheet

Download our fact sheet to learn how our solution can eliminate security blind spots and help you make more informed decisions about business risks.

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