Collaborative Security: Defenders Working Together

Our subscription-based security package delivers the benefits of defenders working together. We use advanced analytics and a collaborative security approach to create powerful and unique solutions. We help to keep your enterprise safe and secure and provide rapid innovation and deeper functionality to keep you one step ahead of digital threats.

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The Collaborative Security Journey

The Collaborative Security Subscription model follows a deliberate and systematized process to create sustainable security. As a subscriber, we’ll walk you through a unique security subscription journey to maximize speed-to-value. The Collaborative Security Subscription model is flexible — scaling up or down in any of the following areas to meet your ever-changing and unique security needs:

Assess Security Practice

As a first step, we’ll evaluate your security practice based on industry standards and deliver a roadmap for maturing the practice based on industry and company-specific risk tolerances.

Join Intelligence Analysis & Sharing Organization

Our ISAO facilitates sharing and peer engagement in a trusted NDA environment that allows security practitioners to safely network with one another. Participation the ISAO supports security practitioners by presenting enriched threat intelligence and incentivizes collaborative exchange among peers, partners, and groups.

Connect with Peer Security Professionals

You’ll have exclusive access to collaboration groups that facilitate a cross-industry exchange of ideas, technology, and innovation. Participants share industry practices and knowledge to mature and elevate the group across functional areas like cybersecurity, analytics, and IT.

Prioritize and Share Threat Information

Derive real value from threat sharing with peers using TruSTAR, our preferred threat community platform. Then build threat cases with ThreatCurator™ to quickly understand relevant threats and prioritize your response. ThreatCurator™ enables organizations to quickly assemble a story around technical indicators and manage tasks and workflows accordingly.

Reduce External Surface Exposure

Tap our experts for assistance scanning your network for vulnerabilities to continuously monitor for weaknesses. Then review and prioritize, risk-based remediation with Vulnerability Management Services for easy-to-understand data-visualizations that drive actionable insights into vulnerabilities.

Optimize Investments in Security Controls

Prepare for the adversaries that pose a threat to your business through a shared and evolving catalog of purpose-built threat scenarios. Our engagements are designed to test your defenses, educate practitioners, and improve your security posture.

Measure & Improve

As a subscriber, we will help your organization continuously measure, assess, mitigate and improve prevention, detection and response capabilities.

Vulnerability Management Solution Fact Sheet

Download our fact sheet to learn how our solution can eliminate security blind spots and help you make more informed decisions about business risks.

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Threat Intelligence Fact Sheet

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Why the Collaboratory

A unique subscription model that continually improves your security posture

Practical tools designed to reduce efforts for better, faster results

Collaborative security group enhances the security posture for all customers

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Vulnerability Management Solution Fact Sheet

Download our fact sheet to learn how our solution can eliminate security blind spots and help you make more informed decisions about business risks.

Download Our Fact Sheet