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Collaborative Security Bundle

Our bundle is a subscription-based security package that delivers the benefits of defenders working together. We use advanced analytics and work in a collaborative security approach to create powerful, unique solutions. Not only do we help keep your enterprise safe and secure, we provide rapid innovation and deeper functionality to keep you one step ahead of digital threats.

We’ve built our products and services in collaboration with leading businesses across multiple industries. These exceedingly practical solutions are now available to Associate Collaborators. Our subscription-based security package was developed through collaboration with our founding companies, and emulates the real threats facing today's organizations. Our outcome based, measurable, analytics-driven, scalable tools are built on the concept of defenders that work together are always better.

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Collaborative Security Bundle Includes:


ThreatProfiler™ is Columbus Collaboratory's unique suite of intelligence products. Knowing the tools, techniques and procedures adversaries use to threaten your business is essential to protecting from them. ThreatProfiler™ delivers actionable, practical intelligence enriched by analytics to streamline the process of turning intelligence into action.

Managed Collaboration

Facilitated sharing and peer engagement in a trusted environment that allows security practitioners to network. Our threat intelligence platform supports security practitioners by presenting enriched threat intelligence. The platform protects and incentivizes intelligence exchange among peers, partners, and groups.


A case management and research tool populated with analytics enriched threat intelligence data sets that facilitate case building, triage, and remediation through a simple interface that integrates with common ticketing systems.

Adversarial Emulation

Prepare for the adversaries that pose a threat to your business through a shared and evolving catalog of purpose-built threat scenarios. Our engagements are designed to test your defenses, educate practitioners, and improve your security posture.

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